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Elliott Randall testimonial for Darrell Nutt

When I first met Darrell he was 17 years old. I took a trip to Buffalo NY, visiting a band that I'd played with in NYC, and agreed to do a show with them. They had a new drummer - Darrell. All I can say is that he knocked my socks off.


To summarize, Darrell has a raft of intuitive sensibilities to his playing. He quickly understands the piece of music in front of him, and does it justice. Subtle and sensitive, to rhythmic dance music, to hard metal bashing, and everything in between, including (honest) C&W music and old-school R&B are all parts of his palette.


We've played many shows/concerts together for decades, and we've been a recording team for almost as many years.


Darrell Nutt is not only the drummer's drummer - he's the musician's musician.


Guitarist - London, New York

Steely Dan, John Lennon, Carly Simon

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