Drum samples I’ve purchased in the past have been somewhat disappointing - a lot of single velocity, pre-mixed, over-hyped drum sounds that don’t blend well with a real kit. Darrell’s samples are very well-recorded, and besides the awesome variety of drums you get, each is recorded with multiple mics, velocity layers, and articulations (where appropriate). There are even some extra effects like saturation, compression and ambience included. Recently I was mixing a song with home-recorded drums that were less than ideal. I pulled up Trigger 2 and browsed Darrell’s samples, A/Bing with the original drums. I found it very easy and intuitive to find a drum I liked and then mix the multiple channels on the fly right within Trigger 2, creating a part that meshed well with the original vibe of the kit, while giving me more impact and punch in the mix.


Darrell has been a session drummer, producer and mix engineer for over 25 years. He has  provided high quality Drum Tracks, Loops and Samples for clients around the world from his studio in Southwest Florida. He feels very fortunate to have recorded or performed with members of Steely Dan, AC/DC, Goo Goo Dolls, YES, The Moody Blues, Bad Company and Parliament Funkadelic. In the 1990s, Darrell toured Internationally with country music artists and appeared on National TV shows. Today, Darrell balances his time directing music videos, producing music for singer songwriters and creating drum related products.



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