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“A groove is the space between two notes… 
It’s what you don’t play, that makes it groove!”

- Darrell Nutt

I started playing drums as a young lad and had my first pro recording session at 16.

I grew up in a very musical family near Buffalo, NY and luckily got thrown into the late 1980's Buffalo music scene at 17. The musicians from Buffalo are amazing and taught me so much about groove, musicianship, song structure and creating great sounds. Everything that I apply today as a drummer and producer started in Buffalo.
I have been fortunate to travel and tour with some of the nation's best artists & musicians, and record on many great albums. While music is my passion, I have always been creative in the graphic design field. So, I started my own audio recording and graphic design studio in my home in 2002, later adding video production in 2005.
If you look around this site, you'll see that I've done a bunch of things in music, design and video. I have plenty of experience and I love what I do. All of it!
So, before this get's too windy, I'll finish up by mentioning my newest venture: defMEDIA Group. Combining all that I love under one roof: Audio Recording & Producing Albums, Playing the Drums, Video Production & Media Design.


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