“A groove is the space between
two notes… It’s what you don’t play, that makes it groove!”

- Darrell Nutt

I started playing drums as a young lad. Progressing from pots and pans with wooden spoons on the kitchen floor to my first pro recording session at 16.

I grew up in a very musical family near Buffalo, NY and luckily got thrown into the late 1980's Buffalo music scene at 17. The musician's from Buffalo are amazing and taught me so much about groove, musicianship, song structure and creating great sounds. Everything that I apply today as a drummer and producer started in Buffalo.
I have been fortunate to travel and tour with some of the nation's best artists & musicians, and record on many great albums. While music is my passion, I have always been creative in the graphic design field. So, I started my own audio recording and graphic design studio in my home in 2002, later adding video production in 2005.
If you look around this site, you'll see that I've done a bunch of things in music, design and video. I have plenty of experience and I love what I do. All of it!
So, before this get's too windy, I'll finish up by mentioning my newest venture: defMEDIA Group. Combining all that I love under one roof: Audio Recording & Producing Albums, Playing the Drums, Video Production & Print Design.


National Artists & Producers

Elliott Randall (Steely Dan)
Chuck Rainey (Steely Dan)
Brian Howe (Bad Company)

John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls)
Carolyn Leonhart (Steely Dan)
Cliff Williams (AC/DC)
George Clinton (Parliament)
Anthony Williams (Patti LaBelle)
Howie Lindeman (eng. – Stevie Wonder)

Phil O'Donnell (Craig Morgan)
Casey Weston (The Voice)
Essra Mohawk (Frank Zappa)
Kat Epple (TV, Film, Emerald Web)
Rick Derringer (Donald Fagen)
Neil Steubenhaus (LA Session)
David C. Johnson (Aaron Neville)
Les Smith (Rickie Lee Jones)
Pat Travers

Matt Baxley (Moot Booxley)
Marcus Wolf
The Forester Sisters (Warner Bros.)
José Alvarez

Lester & Holly (Inspirational)
John Beltran (Ubiquity)
Michael Junkroski (Shadows of Knight)
Barry Fish (Star Search)
Paul Fleisher (Lou Reed)

Gary Smith (Nashville Session)
Stuart Ziff (Steve Wariner, David Ball)
Phil Dillon (Nashville)
John Kerzweg (Creed, Jewel)
Bruce Hensall (Eagles)
Chuck Allen (Todd Rundgren / Steve Morse)

Mochii Project

John Lodge (The Moody Blues)

Jon Davison (YES)

Johnny Reznik (Goo Goo Dolls)

Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi)

John Waite

VISA World Cup
Yamaha Musical Instruments


Oprah Winfrey Network
Speed Network
Lifetime Network

PBS - Places To Love

Budweiser (George Clooney)
Bounty Paper Towels
Lee County Fair
Florida State University
Ellis Team – Re/Max
Sunshine Dental Centers
The Best of Everything
Birch’s Air Conditioning and Heating
Jordan's Paint

Recording Commercial

Atlantic Records
Sony Latin
Universal Music Group
Warner Music Group
Reprise Records
Ubiquity Records
Max Music (Miami)
SFP Records
Dallas Records (Croatia)
OX Records
Royal-Sub Records
Funk Wax (Orlando)
Majammy Records
E-SA Records
Container Records

Dado Records

Deep Touch Records

Hard Six Records, LTD

Deepness music

220 Music Corp.

Independent Artists

Danny Shepard (Michael Franks)
Ray Nesbit (Jimmy Herring)
Mario Infanti (Chuck Mangione)
David C. Johnson (Aaron Neville)
Father Jerry Kaywell
Steve Uscher
Heather Brooks
Chris Workman
Theory of Grace
Phoenix Block
Spencer Clark

Dani Dawson

Matt Simpson

Bar Berkoe Buskila

Shay Sharon Haim

Ryan Jennings
TJ Kelly
Mike Rogers
Greg Norris
Lynn Richardson
Marc Vee
Johnny MagSax
Jo List
John Bernier
Cathy Madigen
Derek Trenholm
Antimo Onzo
Chris Milano
John kucaba
Murphy's Law
Deep Shag
Stacey Allison
Official Outcome
John Mooney
Susie Hulcher
Gilbert Neal
Jeff Lawrence
Tim McGeary
Kim Page
Nick Carbone
John Vance
Matt Chadwick
Chris Cugini - THE BUMBLES
Ayla Lynn
Chris MacArthur
Ashlie Smith
Kelly Neff
Gary Pickus
Emily Bronzini
Isabella Sbarra
Tom LaRotonda
Rebekah Wells
Danny Sinoff
Seth Anthony
Jeremy Goodman
Sarah Hadeka
Dieter Kelley
The Catman Doodz
Kim Page
Glenn Kidd
Herb Williams
Cyrilia Lopez
Katie Lyon
Bands and Groups

Birdie Lee & Limited Warranty

Jimmy Yeomans Band

Tight Grip




Linguini Brothers

Rick Howard & The Speedbumps

Catman Doodz

Mambo Brothers

Danny Shepard & Blue Mercury

The Incorrigibles
Danny Sinoff Quartet
High Voltage
Power House
Tropical Jazz
The New Vinyls
The Noname Band
Girl Meets Boy
Pub Mustard


Vanilla Crosby
Acoustic Addiction
Mixed Nuts
John Allender Band
Stacey Allison Band
Morning Star
Whatever's Clever
Steve Farst Band
Official Outcome
High Tide
Soapy Tuna
Critical Mass
Soul Funk Unity
Funky Sea Funky Dew
Kim Page Blues Band
Mike Imbasciani Blues Band
The Richmonds
Florida Cracker Boys
High Lonesome
The Woodwork

I proudly endorse AMEDIA Cymbals!

I proudly play YAMAHA Drums and GOODWOOD Drumsticks by Vater.


Villa Maria College – Buffalo, NY
Jim Chapin – Private Instruction
Louie Marino – Private Instruction
Ron Rocco – Private Instruction
Elliott Randall – Mentor
Jim Kurzdorfer – Mentor
Mike Caputy – Mentor
Pete O’Donnell – Mentor

Todd Lewis - Mentor

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