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I gotta tell you that these samples sound fantastic!!! When I pulled them up in a session and went through them - I was extremely pleased at the quality! Man, there are so many snare samples that I can use. I think these are the best sounding samples that I have! I really appreciate you making them available and the price is very fair!


Darrell is actually the best drummer I have ever worked with. (And I worked with quite a few in the last 20 years.) Darrell is highly skilled, very committed, easy to work with and, last but not least, such an awesome person. I will be back for more projects with him soon.


Darrell Nutt Signature Drum Samples for Trigger 2 are AMAZING !!! The snares and toms are out of this world!! Thank you !!!


Purchased all three of Darrell's Expansions for Trigger 2. I already have CLA and Blackbird Studio, which are good, but Darrell's are by far the best I’ve tried. Great sound, great variety and totally worth the price. Thanks Darrell ! Keep’em coming!


My favorite thing about the Darrell Nutt Signature Drum Pack is that they sound like real drums - but better! As a producer that's mostly using real world sounds, nothing is more frustrating for me than when I pull up samples that are too processed and won't be able to easily blend in the song. These drums sound great, are easy to use, and fit an important missing spot in my sound arsenal.


When I have two different genres that I'm mixing that need to be done now, I know without a doubt, I can pull up Darrell's drum pack and feel at ease that I will get the right sound I'm looking for with superior sound quality. I love the flexibility I get with this pack. Thanks Darrell for helping my mixes go smoothly.


I Love these samples.... Clean, clear, punchy. Downloaded them on a Wednesday morning and by that evening, I was using them in a new Pop Country song here in Nashville! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Darrell is a hard driving groove master with fluid drive and pinpoint accuracy.


Darrell is a phenomenal groovesmith and a consummate professional. He knows when to play the right part as well as find the right drum sounds for the song.


​I've had the distinct pleasure of playing with Darrell on several occasions. He is an extremely accomplished, versatile musician and a pleasure to work with.


​Darrell and his team have produced two promotional videos for our band, affording us the opportunity to effectively compete in major markets from New York to Miami. Our collaboration with Darrell yielded a great depiction of the unique product we offer. He captured the essence of our performance and we have a full calendar as a result!


Darrell Nutt saved my life. My first recording project had not been going in the direction I wanted it to. After hearing what Darrell could do with my unfinished material, I was sold on being his client from that point forward. He brilliantly mixed, mastered, and managed the release of my EP, Here I Am. Without him, I wouldn't have ended up with a product anywhere near as professional. Since then, we have recorded numerous songs together and plan for a full-length release soon. He has played an integral part of my music career!


I have been a session drummer, producer and mix engineer for over 25 years. I provide high quality Drum Tracks, Loops and Samples for clients around the world from my studio in Southwest Florida. I feel very fortunate to have recorded or performed with members of Steely Dan, AC/DC, Goo Goo Dolls, YES, The Moody Blues, Bad Company and Parliament Funkadelic. In the 1990s, I toured Internationally with country music artists and appeared on National TV shows and I loved every minute of it! Today, I enjoy directing and editing music related video content.


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