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DrumSongs | 16TH NOTE FUNK | 100 bpm

DrumSongs | 16TH NOTE FUNK | 100 bpm


16th Note Funk 100 bpm


"I toured the USA and Europe during the 90s with a Top 40 band! I had to learn SO MANY funk drum parts during this time. I value good song structure and a great drum part. I hope this one inspires you to write your own song!" - Darrell Nutt

This DRUMSONG is a medium tempo 16th Note Funk Groove recorded at 100 bpm.

This is the individual multi-track microphone channels and the mixed stereo wav files that you can use for practicing your instrument, teaching students, or just jamming along. These are Royalty Free, meaning you can use DRUMSONGS in your writing sessions, demos, and even your album release. I just ask that you give credit to "Drums by"



The WAV All Multi-tracks are individual audio files of the microphone channels used to capture the DrumSong performance. The Click Track is also included fro convenience.

This format allows you to mix the drum track as you wish in your DAW because you can have control over volume, add effects and dynamics of the individual DrumSong tracks.


The stereo mixed wav file is a mixed down version of the Multi-track DrumSong and is recorded at 24bit / 44.1 kHz with NO Click Track in the mix.You can use it to practice, teach or even in your own demos and songs.​The mix down I did for this stereo mixed wav is an estimate of how the DrumSong should sound. There are many factors to a final mix. If you want more control over the DrumSong mix then the Multi-Tracks are best for you.



    24-Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV files

    All multi-tracks of individual microphones
    and mixed stereo wav

    Acoustic drums played by Darrell Nutt


    • INTRO
    • VERSE 1
    • VERSE 2
    • CHORUS 
    • VERSE 3
    • CHORUS
    • BRIDGE
    • SOLO
    • CHORUS 
    • ENDING

    1. Kick Drum Mic Inside

    2. Sub Kick Drum Mic Outside

    3. Snare Top Mic

    4. Snare Bottom Mic

    5. Tom 1 Mic

    6. Tom 2 Mic

    7. Tom 3 Mic

    8. Hi Hat Mic

    9. Ride Mic

    10. Overhead Mic Left

    11. Overhead Mic Right

    12. Room Mic Left

    13. Room Mic Right

    14. Parallel Compression Left (Snare & Toms)

    15. Parallel Compression Right (Snare & Toms)

    16. Mono Lofi FX Mic

    17. Click Track

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