DN Signature Drums - KICKS for SLATE TRIGGER 2

DN Signature Drums - KICKS for SLATE TRIGGER 2

The Complete Darrell Nutt Signature Drum Pack for Trigger 2 includes 6 Kick drums, 13 Snare drums, 12 Toms and features 16 velocity layers per drum. Several drums have multiple “round robin” velocity samples, and some have sticks, brushes and mallet hits. I used multiple microphones on each drum including ambient room mics. Trigger 2 allows complete control over the sounds with an intuitive mixing interface. There are over 7740 individual samples, over 95 presets and I used industry standard microphones and signal chains.


    I have been a session drummer, producer and mix engineer for over 25 years. I provide high quality Drum Tracks, Loops and Samples for clients around the world from my studio in Southwest Florida. I feel very fortunate to have recorded or performed with members of Steely Dan, AC/DC, Goo Goo Dolls, YES, The Moody Blues, Bad Company and Parliament Funkadelic. In the 1990s, I toured Internationally with country music artists and appeared on National TV shows and I loved every minute of it! Today, I enjoy directing and editing music related video content.

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