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Trigger2 Expansion Funk Kicks & Snares

DNSD Selector Series SS02 - FUNK

DNSD Selector Series SS02 - FUNK


My name is Darrell Nutt. I have been playing drums, tuning drums, and recording drums for over 30 years! I toured the US and Europe in the 1990’s and 2000’s and recorded hundreds of drum tracks in studios across the country. This expansion pack utilizes the knowledge and precision that I acquired throughout those years. I hope you enjoy them!

While the Steven Slate Trigger 2 plug-in allows complete control over the sound with an intuitive 8 channel mixing interface, the SELECTOR SERIES utilizes these 8 channels a little differently. Instead of each channel containing a separate close mic, ambient mic, or effect, the SELECTOR SERIES 8 channels each contain premixed drum samples so you can select the drum sound that is best for your song. This makes for a quick and time saving way to enhance a drum sound or completely replace it!

Each preset for Kick, Snare, Sidestick, and 3 Tom sizes have 8 drum sounds. Each drum sound features up to 24 velocity layers with “round robin” hits and there are over 700 individual samples in this expansion pack!

If you are a music producer or musician and you use Trigger 2, this signature expansion pack may be great for you! These sounds are geared towards FUNK but are suitable for all styles of music production.

  • Tech Specs


    Steven Slate Drums Trigger 2 TCI Files

    24-Bit / 44.1 kHz WAV files


    Acoustic drums recorded by Darrell Nutt

    Recorded at defMEDIA Studio.

  • Features

    8 Quick Access Drum Sounds Per Preset

    Kicks, Snares, Sidesticks, Toms (3)

    Up to 24 Velocity Layers With Round Robins

    Over 700 Individual Samples

    Supplement Your Drum Sounds or Replace Them

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