defMEDIA Recording Studio, video production, print design

Definition Media is an audio recording,
video and print design studio located
in Fort Myers, Florida. The company originally focused on graphic design
for print media and evolved into Audio Recording & Video Production. 

Services include: Audio Production,
Recording, Mixing & Mastering. Video
Production, Directing & Editing, Motion
Graphics. Media Packaging, Corporate 
ID & Branding, Logo Design, Print Ads,
Magazines, and more.


Acoustic Drum Tracks by Darrell Nutt

My name is Darrell Nutt and I have
been a session drummer and producer
for over 15 years. I provide high quality
Drum Tracks for artists and songwriters
all over the  world. My Drum Tracks are the perfect solution if you want
Professional Studio Drum Tracks
recorded for your songs without
booking a studio, hiring an engineer 
and a producer. 

Well, wait... you ARE hiring a "studio, engineer and producer" - only it's with ME! AND, at a fraction of the cost of paying for all three.

Translucent Records Indie Label
What do you get when a drummer is
also a producer and wants to start an 
indie label that see's right through the
industry bullcrap? You get Translucent Records!

Originally formed in 2002 to promote
early dance and electronic music,
I have recently incorporated more
varied styles and artists, and more
releases in electronic hybrid music,
percussive meditation, world music,
singer/songwriter and maybe a little
country coming soon.


“I have worked with Darrell Nutt for 15 years and will continue to. 
The man is a true pro."

JOHN BELTRAN / Dado Records

“Darrell Nutt's eye for design and precision is spot-on.
I love what he did for the cover of "Like Ten Thousand Suns".
He is designing all of my future projects"

SUSIE HULCHER / Singer-Songwriter


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8359 Beacon Blvd. Suite 418, Fort Myers, FL 33907

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