Congratuations on being a MUSIC STUDIO LIVE guest!

We are very happy to have you as a guest on our show. Here are a few things that will help you understand the process of taping the show and how to be prepared before arrival.


MUSIC STUDIO LIVE is an audio AND video podcast. The audio version is available on most podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.) and the video version is only on YouTube:

Preparing for your appearance.


PLEASE watch a few episodes of MSL so you have an idea of how our show works and how we interact. We get a little silly sometimes and that is okay!

PLEASE Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Do not wear small vertical lines on your clothing. The cameras we use really do not like those pesky small vertical lines!

Your music.


  1. We ask you to perform 2 original songs - written or co-written by YOU. We will perform "acoustic" versions of these songs on the taping day. Darrell plays drums & percussion. Sarah plays piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, and sings back up vocals.

  2. You can bring an additional musician/singer or we can ask one of our studio musicians to join us.

Things you will need to PROVIDE prior to the taping.

  1. MP3's of the songs we will be performing.

  2. Lyric sheets and/or chord charts.

  3. Preferred headshot, bio, press kit, EPK

Please email these items to:

Things you will need for the show.

  1. Your instrument that YOU play if you will be playing on the show. I have cables and direct boxes, etc.

  2. Your vocal mic if you prefer using it. I have mics but some artists prefer their own and that's cool! No worries.

  3. IEM's (In ear monitors) if you have them. I do have headphones at the studio but IEMs look and sound better for sure!

  4. A copy of your CD if you have one.

Be prepared for your conversation.

  1. Have a few stories relating to songwriting, music and life. Maybe a famous person's advice? A horrible gig? A reality tv show audition? A life lesson you've learned?

  2. CALL TO ACTION -  have your info ready: website, tour schedule, social media, etc. - I typically put the social media links on the screen while they are being spoken.

  3. Notes on what YOU want to bring up in the conversation portion. Maybe a charity or organization.

How the day will go down.

I will email an itinerary of the estimated time breakdown of each segment for the day.
This list is just the
order of events for the day.

  1. Arrival: Production team arrival

  2. Arrival: Guest arrival - meet & greet

  3. Soundcheck: Line check and IEM check (Everyone has their own IEM mix!)

  4. Music: Song 1 rehearsal

  5. Video: Song 1 recording

  6. Music: Song 2 rehearsal

  7. Video: Song 2 recording

  8. Changeover: Reset room for conversation (lighting camera placement changes)

  9. Soundcheck: Check mics and cameras

  10. Video: Conversation recording

  11. Video: Intro Bumper recording

  12. Video: Any bonus stories, solo songs, etc for extra features on Patreon

Legal paperwork.

There will be 2 documents to fill out.

  1. An info sheet that has your contact info and the songwriter info for each song.

  2. A legal document that allows us to use your likeness (images, video, audio) and music from your performance on the show for the sole purpose of promoting Music Studio Live.




Currently, we cannot pay any compensation. We will promote your episode and the show as much as possible.

Things you can do AFTER the episode is completed.

  1. Promote the podcast and your episode at shows, gigs, on your social media and in person, actually talking to a human at their face about your experience on the show! We don't do that kind of stuff enough!

  2. Recommend guests to us that you think would be great on the show.

  3. PROMOTE the show as much as possible. Please tag Sarah and I on the social medias.







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We hope you enjoy your experience on MUSIC STUDIO LIVE!


Darrell & Sarah


Darrell has been a session drummer, producer and mix engineer for over 25 years. He has  provided high quality Drum Tracks, Loops and Samples for clients around the world from his studio in Southwest Florida. He feels very fortunate to have recorded or performed with members of Steely Dan, AC/DC, Goo Goo Dolls, YES, The Moody Blues, Bad Company and Parliament Funkadelic. In the 1990s, Darrell toured Internationally with country music artists and appeared on National TV shows. Today, Darrell balances his time directing music videos, producing music for singer songwriters and creating drum related products.



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